Flensburg 2015: Fairy tales and Narrations in and about West Afrika

02. – 04.07.2015, Europe-University of Flensburg

This conference was organized by Prof. Dr. Bea Lundt and took place at the Europe-University of Flensburg from the 2nd to the 4th of July in 2015.

Scholars from different parts of Africa as well as Germany and England focussed on african Narrations and fairy tales from different points of view.

This conference was accompanied by different events, like a reading of Prof. Mensah Wekenon Tokponto at the bookshop „Rüffer“ in Flensburg where he presented his book about fairy tales from Benin.

And an exhibiton, organized by lecturers and students from the Europe-University of Flensburg in the course of the 5th anniversary of students from Flensburg going to Ghana for internships in Schools or for doing research in different areas.

Pictures of the conference, the reading and the exhibiton

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