Bea Lundt/Wazi Apoh (2013): “Germany and its West African Colonies”


West African history in usually seen as mainly influenced by English and French Colonialism. There is a new interest in German Colonialism, but most Reaserch in done in European archives and with an European Point-of-view. This book explores German Colonial exploits and their consequences in Ghana, Togo and Cameroon mostly from an African Point-of-view. By means of Reaserch in sites of thhe Colonial Hinterland and the agancy of the entangled people , it reveals the simmering Impact of the past encounters on indigenous, religious, cultural, political and socio-economic developments in Africa.

Dr Wazi Apoh is Lecturer in Archaeology and Development Anthropology at the University of Ghana, Legon (Ghana) since 2009.

Dr. Bea Lundt is Professor for Medieval History at the University of Flensburg (Germany) since 1998.