Ghana 2013 – 2016: research project: How children and students narrate about their future

“African children and their Heroes in Children’s Story books and other media.”

Research with children in Ghana.

“My children and me- we love Hansel and Gretel”, told me the father of a child in Ghana, “it’s a fairy tale from Europe. But we also have to handle with witches and teach our children not to missbehave.”

Narrations don’t know any borders. But which kind of narrations a particularly important for the collective memories in Ghana? Which figures represent idols for young children the most? Where do these stories come from? Is it just oral history, knowledge from books, knowledge from Europe, or a mixture of all?

The oral tradition gradually disappears, modern media substitutes this tradition as well in West Africa. Scholars from West Africa complain about the disappearens of the teaching field „narrations“ in schools.

That’s why I wated to proof the importance of narrations in current times in West Africa. Students from Winneba interviewed about 200 children at the ages of 12 – 16 years. The children told them their favourite fairy tale.

I am now evaluating these interviews. The publication of the results is planned for 2016/2017.
(Bea Lundt)